Thursday, August 25, 2016

no. 568 - sal campisi

Who is the man: Sal Campisi came over to the Twins from the Cardinals in a trade in late October 1970. He pitched in 37 games for St. Louis in 1970, all in relief.

Can ya dig it: I could've sworn Campisi was an outfielder. I know I should have looked at the bright yellow letters that say "pitcher," but the photo isn't exactly helping me out here.

Right on: This is Campisi's only solo card. He appears on a three-player rookie stars card in the 1970 Topps set.

You see that cat Campisi is a bad mother: Campisi led the Dominican Winter League in earned run average during the 1969-70 offseason with a 0.74.

Shut your mouth: Campisi apparently gained a reputation for eating too much when he was in the minor leagues. This article says it stemmed from when Warren Spahn was coaching him. Campisi had lost 12 pounds but then gained a few pounds back and Spahn talked to him about it. Campisi told him, "Do you want a fat winner or a skinny loser?"

No one understands him but his woman: Campisi won the first American Association Most Valuable Player award for pitchers in 1969 while playing for Tulsa. Later pitchers to win the award included Jim Kern, Bryn Smith, Jay Howell, Pascual Perez and Rick Helling.

(A word about the back): That airbrushed Twins logo looks far too big for that cap.


  1. I've completed this set. So I know I have this card but have absolutely no recollection of ever seeing it.

  2. The Campisi trade to the Twins was a very sad case of helping neither team. Sal pitched 4 innings in Minnesota and was out of baseball at the end of the season. Tragically, Outfielder Herman Hill who went to the Cards died in a swimming accident two months after the trade.