Wednesday, August 17, 2016

no. 565 - jim wynn

Who is the man: Jim Wynn enjoyed another solid season as the Astros' slugger in 1970, hitting 27 home runs in 157 games played. But he was actually entering a string of inconsistency that would ultimately lead him to being traded to the Dodgers.

Can ya dig it: Wynn isn't exactly at home plate, or wearing a helmet, but otherwise, he looks pretty locked in to whatever is coming his way.

Right on: Very jealous of Astros fans who received many cards of Wynn as an Astro. All I've got of Wynn as a Dodger are cards I can count on one hand.

You see that cat Wynn is a bad mother: Wynn's most notable home run season came in 1967 when he hit 37, including several memorable shots (three in one game against the Giants, the longest  in Crosley Field history). He was in a race with Hank Aaron for the home run title until Aaron pulled away. Aaron paid Wynn a compliment when he mentioned that Wynn had to play in the spacious Astrodome.

Shut your mouth: Wynn initially didn't like his nickname, "The Toy Cannon," because he regarded it as another slight on his 5-9 height. But he later came around and his nickname was the title of his autobiography.

No one understands him but his woman: Wynn has been married three times. He was stabbed in the stomach by his first wife, Ruth, during an argument on their wedding anniversary in December 1970. Wynn brought an unloaded shotgun into the argument and his wife a 4-inch steak knife. Wynn didn't press charges, later saying it was his fault.

(A word about the back): I know I've complained about this once before on a different card, but the start of this write-up is the most tortured opening I've read on a baseball card.

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  1. Maybe Wynn's personal life effected his play, during 1971 season there was a huge decline in his offensive numbers.