Thursday, March 2, 2017

no. 634 - phil regan

Who is the man: Phil Regan fell on hard times in 1970, posting numbers not seen since his struggling days with the Tigers in the mid-1960s. He'd rebound a bit in 1971, but it was the beginning of the end.

Can ya dig it: Are those umps in the background? Dignitaries? Henchmen?

Right on: This is another one from the group of the first 1971s that I obtained as a young teenager. It's one of the highest numbers. We're getting very close to the highest-numbered card from that first group.

You see that cat Regan is a bad mother: Regan owned a bad-ass nickname, "The Vulture," given to him by Dodgers teammate Sandy Koufax in jest.

Shut your mouth: Regan had a reputation for throwing a "grease ball," and in 1968, umpire Chris Pelekoudas hassled Regan during a three-inning relief appearance, constantly calling for the ball from Regan so the ump could examine it. Regan was found with nothing although the umpire repeatedly cited Regan for illegal pitches. Cubs manager Leo Durocher and two other players were thrown out of the game over the incident and the Cubs demanded a hearing. Regan was absolved of any wrongdoing by NL president Warren Giles.

No one understands him but his woman: Regan recorded 13 consecutive wins between 1966 and 1967 for the Dodgers. That remains a Dodgers record.

(A word about the back): Regan's 12 saves would be the last time he reached double digits. He led the NL in saves twice with 21 in 1966 and 25 in 1968.


  1. Two comments:
    1 - The Vulture was seemingly an apt moniker, based on many of Phil's wins in the mid 60s resulting from his entering games late and "stealing" wins from the starting pitcher.
    2 - This card is notorious for being off-center. Accordingly, a well-centered PSA 8 version recently sold on ebay for $550.00!

  2. True story: that game where Regan was accused by Pelekoudas was shown on local TV in Cincinnati. I remember watching that game with my grandmother. My grandmother hated Leo Durocher with a passion, apparently sore at him for taking up with Lorraine Day. Anyway, Regan gets called out by Pelekoudas, Durocher comes flying out of the dugout, and my grandmother starts in at the TV. "Go back to the dugout, you know good -insert pleasant hold music here-, you and your whole -continue with hold music-. I hate you and I hate your entire team." I thought "Well, if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me too." So I grew up with a sore spot for the Cubs that lasted some nine years until I went to a game at Candlestick and thought "Wait - why do I dislike the Cubs? Durocher got canned five years earlier!" And guess who now lives four miles from Wrigley Field?