Friday, March 24, 2017

no. 642 - jim roland

Who is the man: Jim Roland was in the middle of a career revival as a long reliever when this card was issued. An injury in a collision with catcher Ray Fosse shortened his season in 1970, but he still posted a 2.70 ERA in 28 games.

Can ya dig it: The only guy I know of from this time period who wore a white windbreaker under his uniform. No commonplace blue, black or red for Jim.

Right on: I like Roland's cards so much that I named him a "Legend of Cardboard" on my main blog.

You see that cat Roland is a bad mother: Roland's 12-inning performance for the Twins against the Yankees in 1964 is the third longest stint by a Twins starter in franchise history. Only Jim Merritt (13) and Camilio Pascual (12 2/3) have pitched longer.

Shut your mouth: In 1967, an Associated Press story called Roland "one of the most disappointing investments (Twins owner) Calvin Griffith ever made."

No one understands him but his woman: Roland pitched the final game against the Seattle Pilots, gaining the 3-1 victory with a career-matching nine strikeouts.

(A word about the back): Not much to mention here, so I'll just say that Roland's 1970 ERA is now 2.70 according to official records.

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  1. 1975 was my first year of collecting baseball cards. I was in second grade. My friend and I were looking at my baseball cards when he he mentioned that his uncle played for the A's. He would not tell me who it was. Approximately five or six years ago I came across this card as I was completing the set. The name Roland sounded familiar to me. However, I had never heard of Jim Roland. I then remembered my 2nd grade friend Tim Roland. I'll bet that Jim was Tim's uncle.