Tuesday, March 28, 2017

no. 643 - rick reichardt

Who is the man: Rick Reichardt played mostly for the Washington Senators in 1970. He was traded from the Angels on April 27 of that year after just nine games in a deal for third baseman Ken McMullen. The Senators then traded Reichardt to the White Sox in February 1971.

Can ya dig it: You know how much I dislike cards of players without caps, but at least the bat on the shoulder somewhat evens out the caplessness.

Right on: This photo is likely from the same photo shoot as the one that appears on his 1967 Topps card, as you can see the Angels colors on his collar. It's also likely from the same photo shoot as Reichardt's 1968 and 1969 cards. Four of Reichardt's last five Topps cards show him looking to the left with a bat on his right shoulder.

You see that cat Reichardt is a bad mother: Reichardt was known as the richest bonus baby of all-time when the Angels won a bidding war by paying $200,000 in 1964. The bidding frenzy is often credited for starting MLB's amateur draft.

Shut your mouth: The write-up on the back of Reichardt's 1967 Topps card begins thusly: "In case you're wondering where the next superstar is coming from, cast an eye at the California Angels' Rick Reichardt."

No one understands him but his woman: It's a mystery why Reichardt did not appear on a Topps baseball card after his '71 card was issued. Reichardt enjoyed one of his best seasons in 1971 but didn't appear in the very large 1972 set. He also played enough in 1972 to show in the 1973 set and you could argue for his inclusion in the 1974 set, too. I wonder if it was a licensing deal (much like Rusty Staub at the same time)?

(A word about the back): Fifty-six major leaguers have hit two home runs in an inning. But at the time Reichardt accomplished the feat, only 13 players had.


  1. His 1969 Topps Decals is probably from the same shoot too. And his rookie card pic is very similar as well.

  2. Rick is the second best hitter out of the University of Wisconsin next to Harvey Kuenn. It will probably stay that way for the conceivable future, for the school got rid of its baseball program in the early 90's.