Monday, March 20, 2017

no. 640 - frank robinson

Who is the man: Frank Robinson was in the midst of what would be his final season with the Baltimore Orioles when this card was issued. He'd be traded to the Dodgers in December, 1971.

Can ya dig it: These superstars that were issued in the high numbers are a bitch to track down. It's almost unfair putting guys like this in the sixth series (*cough* kind of like stashing all the stars in the Heritage SPs).

Right on: I love Robinson's Dodger cards. There are so few.

You see that cat Robinson is a bad mother: The only player to win an MVP in both the AL and NL. That's pure bad-ass.

Shut your mouth: Robinson nearly drowned during a swimming party in August 1966. The Orioles delighted in throwing each other into the pool and didn't believe Robinson when he said he never learned to swim. He was thrown in and had to be rescued by catcher Andy Etchebarren.

No one understands him but his woman: Robinson had problems finding a place to live when he arrived in Baltimore in 1966. Segregation dominated the city and Robinson and his wife were turned away repeatedly. One day his wife, Barbara, called Frank in frustration, which caused Frank to threaten to leave Baltimore. The Orioles' team owner found the Robinsons a home.

(A word about the back): When the write-up says "one of only 5 AL batters with .300 lifetime Avg.," I believe it's referring to AL batters who were playing at the time.

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