Tuesday, September 2, 2014

no. 325 - juan marichal

Who is the man: Juan Marichal endured probably the worst season of his career to date in 1970. After back-to-back 20-win seasons, he managed just 12 victories (against 10 losses) and his ERA sailed over 4 for the first time. It was pretty much the beginning of the end, although Marichal would bounce back for one more good year in 1971.

Can ya dig it: With the way Marichal pitched and fell off to the left side of the mound, I don't think he was ever as ready for a comebacker as he is displaying in this here photo.

Right on: I'm pretty certain if I was a Dodger rooter in the 1960s that he would be my least favorite player.

You see this cat Marichal is a bad mother: Dude bludgeoned a catcher over the head for tickling his ear with a return throw to the mound.

Shut your mouth: One of Marichal's nicknames was "Laughing Boy" because he always seemed to be smiling.

No one understands him but his woman: Marichal never won a Cy Young Award and was passed over for the Hall of Fame twice.

(A word about the back): It still bothers me that '71 Topps in its write-ups would go all the way back to minor league statistics for established veteran players.

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  1. Early this summer there was a book released about the Roseboro incident. I started to read it but did not finish it. I'll have to get it again.