Tuesday, September 30, 2014

no. 334 - roberto pena

Who is the man: Roberto Pena was entering his final season in the major leagues in 1971. He was acquired by the Brewers early in the 1970 season.

Can ya dig it: Pena looks like a tough guy in all of his previous cards. So it's nice that they got him to smile for once.

Right on: Last card of his career!

You see that cat Pena is a bad mother: Pena hit the only inside-the-park grand slam in the history of County Stadium, the Brewers' home park from 1970-2000. It happened on May 30, 1970 against the Tigers when Al Kaline and Jim Northrup collided while trying to field an innocent fly ball. Kaline swallowed his tongue on the play and was hospitalized for the night.

Shut your mouth: Pena died from accidental alcohol poisoning at age 45.

No one understands him but his woman: Pena is the first position player with his surname to make the major leagues. He would be followed by the likes of Wily Mo Pena, Tony Pena (three times), Geronimo Pena, Carlos Pena and pitcher Alejandro Pena. The first Pena in the majors was pitcher Orlando Pena.

(A word about the back): Possibly the first time I've seen hit by pitches listed as a league leading stat for a minor league player. Also, the Sophomore League lasted from 1958-61 and featured the Albuquerque Dukes for two of the years. They were a Class D farm team of the Kansas City A's at the time.

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