Thursday, September 11, 2014

no. 328 - 1970 world series, game 2

Who is the man: Left fielder Don Buford is the man shown here. He did indeed go 2-for-4, although I don't know if it was particularly exceptional. There were other Orioles who did more during their second straight win in the Series.

Can ya dig it: That is a wicked cut by Buford. It looks like he's trying for more than a single, which is all Buford got in Game 2.

Right on: I suspect this photo wasn't taken at Riverfront Stadium either. Also, Johnny Bench makes yet another appearance.

You see that cat Buford is a bad mother: Buford led off the game with a base hit. He also provided the second hit in the pivotal five-run sixth inning by the Orioles. He scored the Orioles' third run of the game on a hit by Boog Powell.

Shut your mouth: The star of this game was probably Elrod Hendricks, who capped the sixth-inning rally with a two-run double that put the Orioles ahead 6-4 (they started the inning trailing 4-1).

No one understands him but his woman: The Reds led 4-0 at one point, but Lee May's two-run double in the first inning was pretty much forgotten by the end of the Orioles' 6-5 victory.

(A word about the back): A combined nine pitchers were used in this game. That's more like a modern pitching workload.


  1. I have met Don Buford. He is a bad mother, one of the more unpleasant ex-players I have ever run into. He is wearing home whites and Bench is wearing grays so, good eye on that!

  2. I left my house that day to watch the Colts play in the Astrodome against the Oilers. We listened to the rest of this games on the way. It was raining about as hard as I have ever seen it rain in Houston and that's saying something.

    The five games in this Series averaged about 2:20 or so. These days that gets you into the fifth inning, maybe.

  3. I hated how Topps seemingly used photos taken during one game (in Baltimore) for all 5 game highlight cards. Games 1 and 2 were played in Cincinnati but they both feature photos taken in Baltimore. Here's a link to my Game 2 card remake: