Monday, September 15, 2014

no. 329 - 1970 world series, game 3

Who is the man: The man about to cross the plate is Frank Robinson (or "F. Robinson," as the card reads), who hit a solo home run in the third inning, one of his three hits in Game 3.

Can ya dig it: If that is a photo of the aftermath of Robinson's home run, then the person shaking hands with him is Paul Blair, who batted behind Robinson in this game. Blair would single but then was caught stealing second base.

Right on: The home plate umpire in this game was Tony Venzon.

You see this cat Robinson is a bad mother: Robinson singled in the first and scored on Brooks Robinson's two-run double, homered in the third, and singled in the seventh in the Orioles' 9-3 victory. The Orioles led the Series 3-0 at the end of Game 3.

Shut your mouth: There were two stories in this game. Orioles starter Dave McNally pitched a complete game and hit a grand slam in the sixth inning. Also, Brooks Robinson made three amazing plays at third base, prompting a standing ovation from the Orioles crowd when he came to the plate in the sixth. Either one of those stories would have been more appropriate than F. Robinson showing some muscle.

No one understands him but his woman: McNally, who hit the first grand slam by a pitcher in a World Series, wasn't the only pitcher with a notable grand slam to his credit playing in this game. The Reds starting pitcher, Tony Cloninger, is the only pitcher to hit two grand slams in one game, which he did for the Braves in 1966.

(A word about the back): Reading McNally's line here you have no clue that he did anything special.


  1. I found a card today that had an Umpire on it…I've been thinking to start making a little pile of them, and it will be little, especially with modern cards. But this card will go in that collection, some day.

  2. I never knew a pitcher hit two GS in one game. That's unreal.

  3. Once again, Topps chose a rather strange photo to use as their highlight for Game 3. Brooks Robinson stole the show at third so I featured him on my remake: