Tuesday, September 23, 2014

no. 332 - 1970 world series, celebration!

Who is the man: The man is the Orioles' Mike Cuellar, the starting pitcher in the decisive Game 5 who threw all nine innings (novel concept) so he could be mobbed by his teammates when the final out was made in the 1970 World Series.

Can ya dig it: A baseball championship celebrated during the daytime!

Right on: I can identify only a few people in this photo. Mike Cuellar, Merv Rettenmund, Bobby Grich and some dude in 1970s golfing slacks. Also, it would be nice if the front mentioned which team this was.

You see these Orioles are bad mothers: The Orioles hit .292 as a team and blasted 10 home runs in this Series.

Shut your mouth: This photo reminds me of this. "All I've got is the backs!"

No one understands him but his woman: Tony Perez, who went 4-for-12 in the NLCS, was a miserable 1-for-18 with four strikeouts in the World Series.

(A word about the back): Look at all those stats (and tiny type)! I'd love to see complete stats like that on modern cards -- hell, I'd like to see a card for every World Series game on modern cards.


  1. based on the link in the previous post...I watched the end of the game. What really amazed me was that their were a considerable number of empty seats in the upper deck left corner. That would be unheard of today. Also I didn't see golf slack guy in the celebration footage, make me wonder if this was taken at the actual championship game. Photo location has been questioned in cards before.