Sunday, March 24, 2013

no. 158 - jerry reuss

Who is the man: Jerry Reuss had just finished off his first full season in the major leagues when this card arrived. He threw 127-plus innings in 20 games with a pair of shutouts.

Can ya dig it: Security seems to be out in force behind Mr. Reuss.

Right on: This is Reuss' first solo card. He's on a two-person rookie card with Leron Lee in the 1970 Topps set.

You see this cat Reuss is a bad mother: Any former player who comments on my blog is a bad mother of the baddest degree. And, no, I will never stop mentioning that.

Shut your mouth: The Dodgers, the team for which Reuss is probably most closely identified, have released him twice, once as a player and later as a broadcaster.

No one understands him but his woman: Manager Leo Durocher, in his autobiography "Nice Guys Finish Last," called Reuss "the asshole of all-time in my opinion" because of their clashes while with the Astros. The two later reconciled when Reuss pitched for the Dodgers.

(A word about the back): It amuses me that the write-up appears to be grasping for things to say about someone who would spend 22 seasons in the major leagues.


  1. Durocher has the right to call someone else an asshole?

    1. They didn't call him "Leo the Lip" for nothing.

    2. Reuss responded in his book by questioning only the "of all time" part.

  2. The thing I like about Jerry is that he truly likes baseball. This is evident in his participation in blogs and stadium photography. Baseball is passion, not just a job.