Wednesday, September 4, 2013

no. 209 - steve renko

Who is the man: Steve Renko, entering his third year in the majors when this card arrived, had just come off a season in which he was one of two starting pitchers for the Expos with a winning record (the other was Carl Morton, who won an amazing 18 games for the last-place Expos).

Can ya dig it: Renko appears quite tall in this photo and he's listed at 6-foot-5. Asked about his success during his career on a recent radio show in Kansas City, Renko said, "well, I was big, strong and threw at people."

Right on: Some interesting eyebrows you've got going, Steve.

You see this cat Steve is a bad mother: Renko began his pro career as a first baseman and was a decent hitting pitcher, batting above .250 for a season several times. He was a career .215 hitter with six home runs. Until 2005, he was known for a while as the last pitcher to hit seventh in the batting order.

Shut your mouth: Renko played three innings at first base during a game between the Expos and Pirates in 1972. It was an extra-inning affair and Renko played first in the 10th, 11th and 12th. He fielded his position cleanly, too, with five putouts including an unassisted play on a groundout from Pittsburgh's Jose Pagan.

No one understands him but his woman: Renko pitched five one-hitters in his career and lost a no-hitter in the 9th inning while with the Red Sox in 1979. Rookie Rickey Henderson lined a hit off of first baseman Bob Watson's glove with one out in the ninth inning.

(A word about the back): My goodness, look at that smile. I made a comment on another blog that Renko never smiled on his cards. Perhaps this is why.


  1. Don't you mean 'eyeBROW'? That has to be the best monobrow of 1971!

  2. That looks more like he;s constipated and he's trying to rid himself of something...