Friday, June 8, 2012

no. 60 - dick bosman

Who is the man: Dick Bosman was the ace of the Washington Senators staff and had just come off the two most prolific seasons of his career thus far. He was a 16-game winner in 1970, on a starting staff in which no one else won more than eight games.

Can ya dig it: I always wonder about guys who dot the I in their name with stars, but it does look pretty cool.

Right on: Dig the book-end palm trees.

You see this cat Bosman is a bad mother: Bosman rebuilds old cars into hot rods down in Florida. About 10 years ago, his daily ride was a restored, fire-red 1936 Chevy two-door sedan with a 330-horsepower Corvette engine, cruise control, power windows and air-conditioning. Bitchin'

Shut your mouth: Bosman reportedly would tell his teammates, "if you don't hustle when I'm pitching, I'll kick your ass."

No one understands him but his woman: Bosman is known as the only pitcher in which his own error cost him a perfect game. It happened on July 19, 1974 against the A's. A throwing error in the fourth inning prevented the perfect game, but he still got the no-hitter.

(A word about the back): Getting your final 8 wins against 8 different clubs is so impressive I had to look up how that actually happened:

Aug. 1: Beat the Angels
Aug. 11: Beat the Royals
Aug. 20: Beat the White Sox
Aug. 25: Beat the Twins
Aug. 30: Beat the A's
Sept. 10: Beat the Yankees
Sept. 25: Beat the Tigers
Sept. 30: Beat the Red Sox



  1. That's AWESOME about the line how he threatened to kick his teammates asses if they didn't hustle. Classic!! Love your blogs! I read all your 1975 Topps cards blog and I look forward to your 1971 Topps cards blog each day at work. My wife is gratefull to your blog as it's motivated me to organize all my cards, which I've almost done. Thanks and take care, Tom

  2. I remember Bosman from his days as the Rangers pitching coach. I think all pitchers should be able to threaten guys like that...and back it up.