Thursday, June 21, 2012

no. 65 - 1970 american league home run leaders

Who is the man: Frank Howard is the man again! Gracious, he strikes a frightful pose.

Can ya dig it: The Carl Yastrzemski photo is the same photo that was used on his 1968 Topps card, and then again on his 1969 Topps card. So, three out of four years, you were staring at the same photo of Yaz.

Right on: It is so cool having a card featuring the Capital Punisher, Killer and Yaz.

You see these cats are bad mothers: We'll explore that in future posts.

Shut your mouth: Harmon Killebrew, notoriously quiet and gentle, was once asked if he had any hobbies. "Just washing the dishes, I guess," he said.

No one understands him but his woman: Howard was particularly upset by Washington's move to Texas in 1972. He liked the area and was popular with the few fans the Senators had. "I'm sure Dallas deserves a team," he said. "But I'm sorry it had to be ours."

(A word about the back): Terry Tommy Harper's 31 home runs in 1970 were 13 more than he would hit in any other season if his 15 year career. Check him for steroids!


  1. That's my favorite leader card so far, despite Howard's polite diss of my locale!

  2. "Hondo" would have been a cool Texas nickname, though. Not nearly as cool as "The Capital Punisher," but it would have fit.

  3. Wow -- Duke Sims and Phil Roof on a home run leader card!

  4. The Capital Punisher, Killer and Yaz...sounds like a great 6 man tag team back in the day!

  5. Bert Campaneris had 22 home runs in 1970? Is that right? I thought he would have had about that many for his whole career!

    1. Campaneris had a very unusual power year that year. He never came close to matching that figure. Had it been the last 15 years and not 1970, people would have screamed steroids. The same could be said for Tommy Harper who never came close to 31 hrs.

      I remember Howard and Killebrew being neck in neck in HRs race pretty much all season in 1970 as were in 1969. In my first MLB game ever, I saw Killebrew hit his 22nd HR of the season. It was the last really great home run total season for both players (Killebrew did win the RBI crown in 1971).

  6. Terry Harper was an Atlanta Braves outfielder in the 80s. I think the Harper you are thinking of in Tommy Harper, who also starred with the Red Sox, I believe.

  7. Thanks, I'll fix. I even typed in Terry Harper's name when I was looking up Tommy Harper's stats. Old age sucks.

  8. Phil Roof - LOL! I'm surprised he's even listed in the top 50 for ANY year. (One season, Roof didn't get his 1st at-bat until late June.)