Tuesday, June 19, 2012

no. 64 - 1970 national league rbi leaders

Who is the man: Johnny Bench is the man. His 148 RBIs in 1970 were the most for a player since Tommy Davis had 153 for the Dodgers in 1962.

Can ya dig it: I know the RBI is not the most respected stat among baseball number-crunchers these days, but when the top two RBI producers are each on the same team, that team is really racking up some runs. They didn't call them the Big Red Machine for nothing.

Right on: The Perez photo is a repeat of Perez's 1970 Topps card.

You see these cats are bad mothers: Later. We'll get to the bad mother business with these guys later.

Shut your mouth: I think Johnny Bench has done more commercials than any single living baseball player. He definitely was on more commercials than any baseball player when I was watching as a kid.

No one understand him but his woman: What could be considered Johnny Bench's two "co-stars" on the '80s kid show "The Baseball Bunch" were Tommy Lasorda and The Chicken. I bet the lunch breaks were interesting.

(A word about the back): Once again, please note Wes Parker's 111 RBI season in 1970. Also, it's nice to have a Coco Laboy sighting, even if he hit 30 fewer RBIs than he did in 1969.


  1. i never appreciated how many re-used photos Topps printed each year until i started reading all these blogs. Johnny's photo is from 1969 and at Crosley Field. The other funny thing is Tony Perez is wearing the pinstripe uni and that was from 1967

  2. Topps was getting away with being cheap I guess. Throw in May and Tolan and that team did score some runs.

  3. Best team in baseball in 1970 until they ran into B Robs and the Orioles. I remember watching the series that fall.