Sunday, June 24, 2012

no. 66 - 1970 national league home run leaders

Who is the man: Johnny Bench is once again the man. He hit 45 home runs in 1970. He hit 38 of those as a catcher, which at the time was second only to Roy Campanella's 40 hit in 1953.

Can ya dig it: Is that the same structure in the background in both Bench's and Perez's photos? If so, what is it?

Right on: You may be thinking I featured this card already. But actually, it's a different one. It's just that all three players were also featured on the National League RBI leaders card two posts ago. Only this time, Williams and Perez are swapped.

You see these cats are bad mothers: Saving it for later.

Shut your mouth: Sparky Anderson often credited Tony Perez for being the key player in the success of the Big Red Machine. When Perez was traded to the Expos after the 1976 season, many pointed to the trade as the reason why the Reds weren't the same after '76. All of this must've made Dan Driessen feel terrific. Driessen took over at first base for Perez and was Cincinnati's first baseman for the next seven-plus years.

No on understands him but his woman: Bench has been married four times. Most recently in 2006. Maybe this one understands him.

(A word about the back): I know Roberto Clemente wasn't really a home run hitter, but seeing him with just one more home run than Lou Brock and one less home run than John Bateman is a little odd.


  1. It looks like a light tower and a the top of the scoreboard at Shea Stadium to me.

  2. Actually, that's the scoreboard from Crosley Field in the background.
    Here's a look at the scoreboard and the light tower.

  3. Seven Padres made this list. If the threshold was 11 HRs, Steve Huntz would have made the list too. After 43 years of their existance the 1970 Padres still hold the team record for home runs. Not bad for a second year group.

  4. Question: I see Ernie Banks with 12 home runs but upon further inspection he did this in 72 games and actually had better slugging and OPS numbers than the year prior. Did he get hurt that year? I never heard what was the story on his diminished playing time, I know Joe Pepitone came along mid season, but he plays at the begining and end of the season. I did hear one theory was that the Cubs were saving him for playoffs and WS.

  5. Bench, Perez and May...shoulda been called the Big Bop Machine.

  6. It seems funny to see someone with 12 homeruns listed on the back of a league leader card.